What Argus Provides to Improve Your Access to the Self Storage Market

A Specialization

  • Thorough Knowledge of Self Storage
  • Focus on One Type of Real Estate
  • Creative Solutions to Specialized Problems
  • Interaction with Professionals in the Industry
  • Awareness of Industry-wide Financing

National Market Knowledge

  • Understanding of large Buyers and Sellers
  • Detects Emerging Trends
  • Familiar with Financing Sources
  • Knowledge of Pricing Across the Country

National Advertising

  • Monthly Advertisements in the industries trade publications, the Mini Storage Messenger, Inside Self Storage, and The SSA Globe
  • Gives a Large National Exposure to Qualified Prospects

Knowledgeable Local Brokers

  • Local Market Knowledge, including;
    • Owners
    • Buyers
    • Laws
    • Brokers
    • Pricing
    • Development sites
    • Developers
    • Lenders
  • Transaction Assistance
  • Help in Sales Preparation
  • Support Contact with National Buyers

Detailed Property Presentations & Property Brochures

  • Invite contact with Argus Brokers
  • Distribute Clear, Comprehensive information on individual listings

Convention/Trade Show Participation

  • Generates Personal Contact with Potential Sellers and Buyers from across the country
  • Distributes Sales Material to a Concentrated Group of Prospects

Internet Exposure

Market Monitor Print Newsletter & Alert on Self Storage e-newsletter

  • Provides Timely and Useful Information
  • Distributes Information on Argus Listings
  • Invites Inquiries from Buyers and Sellers
  • Distribution to tens of thousands of self storage professionals

Centralized Call Center 1-800-55-STORE

  • Provides Easy Access for Buyers and Sellers
  • Allows Argus to Direct Interested Parties to the appropriate Argus Broker Affiliate